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Summer Classes at Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Global Immersions Recruiting - Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Are you an international visitor in Boston who is looking for some opportunities to continue practicing your English outside of your school or homestay? Are you a host with some extra time this summer looking to learn a new skill or develop an old interest? Global Immersions highly recommends the Cambridge Center for Adult Education for any extracurricular activities - on just about any topic! For as little as $80 for a few classes to around $175 for several weeks (still a good deal!) you can enroll in classes on topics ranging from the arts, business, computers, history and language, just to name a few. Here are some samples of classes that we feel could really help our visitors! 

American Idioms, Slang and Everyday English
Do you speak English well but sometimes find yourself confused by language you hear from native speakers or on TV? This class is for high-intermediate to advanced students who are interested in learning phrases and expressions that are uniquely American. Using conversational games, activities, and other experiences, you’ll learn the correct meaning and usage of idioms, slang, and common expressions. You will build your vocabulary, increase your writing and grammar skills, develop better listening and reading comprehension, improve your pronunciation, and increase your conversational skills. 
Classes meet 2 times per week for eight weeks. Cost is $112 - $180.  Limited to 16.

Read, Discuss, Debate!

This class is for advanced ESL students who want to improve their vocabulary, comprehension, cultural understanding, and speaking confidence in a fun class based on reading and discussion. We will read poems, newspaper and magazine articles, cartoons, blog entries, excerpts from stories, and more. The readings will be followed by questions, discussions, and individual or group presentations and debates. Presentations and debates will be followed by constructive critiques. 
Classes meet 2 times per week for eight weeks. Cost is $112 - $180.  Limited to 16.

Preparation for the TOEFL 
This course is designed to help students improve the four skills tested in the new TOEFL iBT: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You‘ll have ample opportunities to practice this skills in a test-like format. This is also a good class for Intermediate Level III, IV, and Advanced students who may not be planning to take the TOEFL, but wish to further develop their general English skills.    
Classes meet 2 times per week for eight weeks. Cost is $180  - $212.  Limited to 16.

If you're interested, or want to look at the catalog of classes, go to the CCAE website. Summer Term Registration Opens Friday, May 10th!

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