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Chiba Group Homestay Program

Patty Brownlee - Friday, April 08, 2011

Global Immersions Homestay specializes in customized group homestay programs.  We spend time discussing and determining exactly what each client wants their students to experience during their time in Boston.  There is not a minimum or a maximum on the length of stay or number of visitors in the group. Each homestay program is designed for the group! 

In late March, we had the pleasure to welcome a very large group of middle school visitors from Chiba Middle School in Japan to homestay for an intensive program.  The Chiba visitors were on a school trip to Boston to sightsee, attend special lectures and workshops at M.I.T., tour Fenway Park and spend one day at two local high schools interacting with high school students and learning about the U.S. educational system. The goal of the homestay program was to live with Americans in order to truly 
experience and learn about U.S. culture.  Our hosts exposed the visitors to a variety of activities and events and foods that allowed them to have a taste of American life. 

Here are a few of the experiences the Chiba visitors enjoyed with their hosts!

Played instruments with family members
Walking tour of Boston Common and downtown (Freedom Trail)
Walking tour the North End 
Walking tour of Faneuil Hall 
Played outside (basketball, trampoline, catch, etc.) with family
Toured Chinatown
Salem tour and museums
Toured the USS Constitution
Watched movies and played Wii and video games
Toured Rockport and the North Shore area
Attended sporting events or practices with family 
Played board games
Went bowling
Attended church 
Attended folk dancing event

Went on nature walks
Had a dinner party with extended family and friends
Went to the grocery store
Had a traditional “Thanksgiving” dinner
Attended a bridal shower and birthday party
Patriot’s Place
Went to the mall or shopping area
Toured a local fire station 
Attended a school event (carnival)


Chiba visitors learning how to make pizza!

Chiba visitor doing a basketball trick for host family!

Boston is a city filled with all types of activities and happenings for any interest. The highlight is not only the diversity of our great city's offerings but the fact that many events are FREE!

Our hosts received a handmade booklet from each Chiba visitor describing them and their interests, what a typical day in their life was like, details about their family and Japanese culture. The visitors also prepared a Japanese meal for their hosts. It was a win-win situation for the hosts and visitors and a successful group program!

Why Choose Homestay?

Patty Brownlee - Friday, March 25, 2011

Global Immersions Homestay, the Boston Homestay Specialists, provides homestay services to all visitors to Boston.  Our homestay program offers each visitor an in-depth experience into U.S. culture.   Homestay is the perfect way to learn about daily life and improve English skills in a non-structured environment. 

Dorm or apartment living does not allow a visitor to get the inside look and experience of daily life.  Our visitors are exposed to a variety of experiences and have the opportunity to participate in activities or events which is not possible when you are living in dorm or apartment and not connected to a local. 

Who are the visitors?
  International students enrolled in a specialized course, studying English or a group program, professionals attending courses or seminars, residents and interns at local hospitals and universities, researchers, individuals, couples or families vacationing in Boston, Americans taking courses or conducting business or visiting Boston.


Who are the hosts?  Our network represents the diversity of metropolitan Boston and includes a multitude of options that include families with young children or teenagers, couples with no children, retirees, single parents with children and single professionals.  The Global Immersions Homestay network includes hosts who are dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe environment for our visitors.  Our hosts’ help visitors understand and adjust to everything from daily living to long-term living in U.S. culture.  Our hosts have a wealth of worldly experience as well as provide a tremendous amount of resources to pass on to their visitors.

The Global Immersions team has the intercultural knowledge along with years of experience in homestay services and strives to ensure a positive experience for both the visitors and hosts!  Our belief is that the best way to learn about U.S. culture during your stay in Boston is to immerse yourself and live it through homestay living

Testimonials from Global Immersions Homestay Visitors:

"My experience in a homestay was not only comfortable but amazing!  I return to my country with the best experience in my life just because I share my time with a beautiful American family.  Thank you!"
Visitor from Mexico

"Living in a host family was the best decision I could have made.  They took me everywhere and included me in their daily lives.  I was almost instantly accepted as a family member.  Thanks to Global Immersions who considered every request/wish I had regarding the host family and placed me in a family that met all of them! 
Visitor from Germany

"My host family is very nice and friendly.  They are caring and every night I have good food to eat.  I am very happy with them!"
Visitor from Hong Kong

"They both are so friendly and try that you feel comfortable at home. The suppers are so good and variety. They like healthy food. The dog is so nice."
Visitor from Spain

"It is the way to make you live and feel like an American!"
Visitor from China


Go Global!

Global Immersions - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Welcome to the new and exciting Go Global blog! The Go Global blog is intended for anyone who is interested in having an intercultural experience through homestay living. Our blog will directly relate to our host network, our homestay visitors from around the globe, our clients, and to anyone who is considering taking the plunge into the homestay living experience!

Come with us on a journey of exploration of homestay living. We have years of expertise in homestay and intercultural services and want to share our knowledge with you!

Patty Brownlee

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